Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Offering Hope

Multiculturalism/Diversity Training


Radio Clips

D.L. introduces the following speeches each day as part of Jefferson Public Radio’s monthlong series to celebrate African American History Month. The speeches are part of the American RadioWorks project “Say It Plain: A century of Great African American Speeches.”

Intro to the Series

Booker T. Washington

Martin Luther King Jr., Part 2

Marcus Garvey

Shirley Chisholm

Barbara Jordan

Fannie Lou Hamer

Dick Gregory

Johnetta Cole

Louis Farrakhan

Thurgood Marshall

Julian Bond

Randall Robinson

Stokely Carmichael

John Hope Franklin

Joseph Lowery

Barak Obama

Benjamin Hooks

Martin Luther King Jr., Part 1

Martin Luther King Jr.: We Shall Overcome


Say Hey

Raymond Saunders Artwork Donation

Media Across Cultures: Skyping with Paul Steinle & Sara Brown